Take your asset management strategy from reactive to predictive

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Realize your full potential while equipping the next generation of workers

Connect. Collect. Analyze. Act.
Welcome to your digital transformation experience.

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Provide a framework for driving sustainable operational excellence for your field workers

Connect. Collect. Analyze. Act.
Welcome to your digital transformation experience.

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Operational Excellence

  • Optimize workforce enablement and knowledge retention
  • Establish enterprise visualization and decision support

Asset Excellence

  • Maximize asset utilization through comprehensive asset performance management and predictive analytics

Upstream Production & Processing

Given the existing market dynamics, the upstream oil and gas industry consistently looks to enable safe operations for personnel and the environment while helping to generate the greatest profitability, production and productivity from existing assets in the shortest time frame. Upstream producers want to maximize production of oil and gas from onshore and offshore wells safely and economically. Down stream processors are looking to operate safely and efficiently, extracting the most value from the hydrocarbon stream while minimizing costs.

  • Lower Lifting Costs
    Lower Lifting Costs
    Lifting or production costs per barrel, per million BTU need to be optimized via technology to sustain a lower operating cost per barrel environment.
  • Ensure environmental and public safety
    Ensure environmental and public safety
    Oil and gas producers need to operate in a safe, sustainable manner and at the same time look for operational efficiency.
  • Improve decision support
    Improve decision support
    Allow operators to access field information more consistently, aggregated and contextualized to drive decision making and help maximize production.

The Digital Transformation Begins with You

With the trend in reduced capital expenditures reflecting a shift towards operational efficiency and making existing assets more productive, it is imperative to drive efficiencies through operations, assets, and people, by means of digital technology. Not convinced? The potential economic impact enabled by digital technologies will total more than $370B/year by 2025.

Maximize Assets

  • Leverage analytics to continuously improve conformance to plan and conformance to schedule
  • Drive an asset performance management strategy that minimizes unscheduled downtime

Optimize Processes

  • Leverage digitization to break down pervasive operational silos
  • Increase speed of execution through workforce mobility
  • Enable intelligent management of field operations

Enable People

  • Decrease time to knowledge
  • Digitize years of operations knowledge to enable the next generation of worker
  • Increase safety in the field
  • Increase worker efficiency

Enabling the Next Generation of producers and processors

  • Operator Training Impact

    Operator Training Impact

    See how efficient training and optimization impact upstream operations

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  • Asset Management

    Asset Management

    Understand how asset modeling supports an integrated upstream asset management strategy

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  • Production Allocation

    Production Allocation

    Understand the importance of production allocation in Oil & Gas

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  • Workforce Management

    Workforce Management

    Learn how to standardize mobile work force management

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