Food & Beverage, Consumer Packaged Goods

Drive Operational Excellence and Smart Manufacturing through Digital Transformation of the Value Chain

Increase Operational Performance

  • Transform manufacturing operations to improve profitability and yield while increasing flexibility
  • Drive higher levels of collaboration, agility, standardization and operational governance through Smart Manufacturing
  • Model-driven MES/MOM software approach reduces costs and complexity and enables deployment of standards-based operations across multiple sites

Improve Asset Performance and Reliability

  • Improve asset reliability and performance to reduce unplanned downtime and maximize return on existing investments
  • Defer or eliminate capital investments in new assets, while meeting increasing demand 


Ensure Consumer Traceability and Quality

  • Avoid recalls and improve end-to-end quality and compliance for produced goods including enforcement of standards and product genealogy
  • Support food safety compliance to preserve brand equity and shareholder value

Increase Recipe and Formulation Agility

  • Reduce time to market and costs associated with manufacturing new product introductions
  • Simplify the management of packaging material variations and label data as part of a recipe

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Leader in Food & Beverage Manufacturing

Schneider Electric Software works with 23 of the top 25 Food & Beverage Manufacturers globally delivering Smart Food from Farm to Fork.

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    Seize new market and profit opportunities thanks to zero waste and 100% traceable production.

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    Beverages and Brewing

    Increase delivery reliability for superior quality products with best‑in‑class productivity and environmental leadership.

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    Baked Goods and Confectionary

    Deliver your brand promise, manage high product variety and perfect quality while tracking accurate materials genealogy.

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    Grain, Cereal and Ingredients

    Increase production capacity with reduced staff and energy while accurately controlling the material flows in the entire process.

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    Sugar, Oil and Biofuel

    Increase production throughput, efficiency, and safety by providing operation teams with the best information.

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    Consumer Packaged Goods

    Meet the challenges of uptime, quality, yields, recipe and energy management and cost containment with Schneider Electric solutions.

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Manufacturing Operations Management

Reduce Operating Costs • Increase Productivity • Increase Yield • Shorten Time-to-Decision
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Industry 4.0 is here today. Discover how our customers are achieving significant cost savings and improving operational performance. View one of our on-demand webinars or register for an upcoming webinar.

  • Advanced Process Control

    Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

    View our on-demand webinar to learn why companies are embracing model-driven MES, predictive maintenance and traceability solutions.

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  • recipe batch management

    Digital Recipe and Batch Management

    Watch our on-demand webinar to learn about the top 5 benefits of implementing Recipe and Batch Management Software.

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  • minimize process variability webinar

    Minimize Process Variability

    View this on-demand webinar to ensure your process is always at its best operating level.

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  • manufacturing technology

    Maximize Asset Reliability and OEE

    In this on-demand webinar, you'll learn how to uncover new opportunities to help you drive significant improvements in asset reliability.

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  • reduce energy consumption

    Reduce Energy Consumption

    View this on-demand webinar to learn the benefits of correlating energy data with operational data in manufacturing plants.

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  • traceability and quality management

    Improve Food Safety with Quality Management

    Join us to learn how to reduce food safety risks with digital traceability and quality management in manufacturing.

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Manufacturing Operations Transformation

A journey taken in steps and aligned with business needs
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We Enable Digital Transformation Across the Manufacturing Value Chain

Learn about the solutions that enable our customers to optimize production operations, ensure quality, improve asset reliability and performance and enable manufacturers to increase profitability.

Operations Control

Cut down on costs, manage compliance and drive towards achieving operational excellence with System Platform A complete automation solution that can deliver 40% efficiency gains in the face of changing business and market demands.

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Operations Management

Our model-driven Manufacturing Execution System (MES) reduces cost of complexity and enables deployment of standards-based operations across multi-sites.

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Line Performance

Turnkey OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and monitoring solution to ensure peak performance.

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Advanced Process Control

Automatic control system which reduces energy consumption, improves yield and quality by optimizing operating point in a multivariate process.

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Asset Performance Management

Exceed reliability, safety and performance goals to increase uptime maximize return on existing assets.

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Recipe and Batch Management

Enable repeatable quality and increase efficiencies for reduced time to market when releasing new products.

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Energy Management

Reduce energy spend and optimize equipment performance with Energy Performance – a solution for manufacturing which integrates power and energy management into overall business performance, enabling users to identify critical energy efficiency gaps and electrical performance issues through improved operational visibility.

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Labeling Compliance

Avoid product recalls due to mislabeling and undeclared allergens with Label Assurance - a solution for inspection and validation of printed labels against their intended SKU, helping food and beverage manufacturers ensure the right product is in the right packaging.

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Schneider Electric Software Success Stories

Customers worldwide benefit from Schneider Electric Software solutions, products and services. Select any of the Success Stories below to read more about how we are solving complex challenges for our customers and increasing operational efficiency and effectiveness.
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    Amadori Group

    Amadori uses a Wonderware solution that enables compliance with government regulations and optimizes production cycle and energy management.

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    Amalgamated Beverage Industries

    Amalgamated Beverage Industries implemented a new packaging line based on Wonderware software to meet the annual summer demand.

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    Beam Global Spirits and Wine

    Beam Global Spirits & Wine, maker of the Jim Beam brand, increases productivity and profitability by upgrading their Wonderware solution.

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    New Belgium Brewing

    Wonderware MES Performance Software enables New Belgium to decrease downtime by more than 50%.

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