Asset Performance Management 4.0

Connecting People, Processes and Technology to Disrupt Business Models and Achieve Maximum Return

For industries that rely on physical assets, smart connectivity enables vastly superior performance by unlocking value from digital transformation. At the heart of Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) are Smart Connected Assets and the evolution of APM 4.0.

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Achieve Real Business Results

Schneider Electric customers implementing Enterprise APM strategies are already seeing results including:

The Best Time to Invest is NOW

Digitize the Mobile Workforce 

Reduce downtime, reduce maintenance costs, improve utilization, improve safety, repair and operations 


Achieve Operational Excellence

Reach optimal profitability by improving with efficient, effective and reliable operations

Open Connectivity

Connect to existing systems to make the most of your investments and enhance data availability across the enterprise


Cloud, Mobility, Predictive Analytics and AR

Leverage innovative solutions to empower the workforce with actionable insights from anywhere at anytime

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Discover how Asset Performance Management 4.0 is a critical component to optimize operations and improve asset lifecycle management


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    Download the FREE APM 4.0 eBook

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    Download the FREE APM 4.0 eBook
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    Infographic: 5 Ways to Ignite APM

    Learn what your next steps should be on your journey towards operational excellence

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    Webinar: Digital Transformation and APM

    Discover how Industry 4.0 and Asset Performance Management solutions including predictive maintenance, mobility, augmented reality and virtual reality empower companies


Discover how Schneider Electric is helping customers maximize return on assets

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Maximize Return on Assets

Exceed reliability, safety and performance goals with comprehensive Enterprise APM. Empower your team with enterprise data collection and analysis coupled with actions and optimization for proactive and predictive maintenance execution.

Bridge the IT/OT gap

The Industrial IoT is a dynamic ecosystem of interconnected devices that generates tremendous amounts of valuable asset-health data, significantly impacting traditional asset management. Enterprise data management and mobile workforce enablement tools build a solid foundation to enable maintenance strategies to be more proactive and optimized. 

Reduce unscheduled downtime

Condition-based and predictive asset analytics solutions provide early warning notification and diagnosis of equipment problems days, weeks, or months before failure. This drives the transformation from reactive to a predictive or prescriptive maintenance strategy for improved maintenance planning and reduced downtime.

Optimize asset utilization

With flexible asset hierarchy, interactive dashboards, preventive maintenance, work order planning, scheduling and execution, coupled with tight alignment to MRO inventory and supply chain processes, the foundation of any APM strategy is an intuitive EAM solution. 

Increase operational efficiency

Without insight into how your assets are performing, you can’t make decisions about how to make your processes more efficient. See how our advanced, user-friendly visualization tools can help enable you to expose hidden opportunities for reducing operational costs, increasing asset performance and driving better results.